Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is a nursing toddler

I was inspired by this post on nursing toddlers.  So many people put out pictures of nursing babies, but it's rather rare to find nursing toddler pictures.  Unfortunately, I do not have many of myself.  With Abby, I just never thought about it or was too shy and you would think with that kid attached 23 hours a day ("the booby monster") that there would be at least one in her 2.5 years of nursing.  With Ari I have made an effort to take a picture when I thought of it which is not rather often.  But they are so great to treasure.  

And, yes, that is a sposie on her.  We couldn't find the stinkin snappis anywhere.  I swear one lasted us 2 years without being lost with Abby and I've gone through three already this year with Ari.  

An update also on Ari being sick.  It seems to be either swimmer's ear (unlikely) or a ruptured eardrum from infection.  My kids never get ear infections, but I think with teething, a head cold, and weather changes it was just too much for her.  We took her to the chiropractor today and she is already acting better.  She has massive nasty ear drainage still which is disturbing, but we take her back tomorrow.  If she's not a lot better tomorrow afternoon, I will cave in to antibiotics, but seeing how that only helps 1 out of 13 ear infections, I would like to explore other options. 

Maddie starts violin lessons on the 11th.  And so do I!  I have wanted to play as long as I can remember, and I have my violin all strung.  We just had to go buy Maddie's as we have a 1/4 and full size, but no half, and so now we are just waiting to start.  

She is also working on an authentic French Revolutionary War costume for the Spirit of Vincennes festival coming up.  She is sewing it all herself.  Well, I might help, but she wants to do it all herself.  She ironed her fabric and we already have the pattern, though it is a bit dated for the time period, but children's costumes that are historically correct seem hard to come by.  


  1. Can a child be breast fed at the ages of 4-5

    1. Of course they can. Worldwide weaning age is around 4 and that means there are many that also go beyond that. WHO recommends until at least 2 and thereafter so long as it is mutually desired by mother and child.