Wednesday, April 28, 2010

18th Century Child Stays Part 2

So they are officially done! I do need to go back when I get time to fix the binding. I put the top binding on backwards, so I will rip it off and do it again when I don't have 10 projects going. In these pictures, they are not laced up completely as I was just testing them. And we are also redoing her shift. This is the second one we have made with the New France Girls pattern and their pattern just does not work for my daughter. So we will use Mill Farm's pattern later this week when I make my own. We are also almost done with the Mill Farm girl's gown. We are using a gray-blue linen from William Booth & Turner and I love it. It's soft and beautiful. We only have the pleating and hemming the bottom edge to go. Unfortunately, the pleating instructions are sorely lacking in any sort of illustration or picture of what it's supposed to look like or what you're really supposed to do, so it's going to take some thinking on my part.

Sorry for the weird pics. She hates her picture being taken almost as much as I do. It was quite a struggle.

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