Saturday, January 8, 2011

Postnatal exercise

I'm a little late in my "resolutions" this year.  Of course, that's probably not a bad thing as I never keep them and then end up being disappointed in myself.  Like the book of meditations I've vowed to work through every year for four years now.  So I have decided to take them one at a time.

This month is probably one of the most stressful months of my life.  We have a new baby.  Beautiful, wonderful, but with yet another dairy allergy to contend with which is certainly manageable but a little harder to do in a small town with a limited selection of dairy alternatives.  My son is seeing a neurologist out of state this month, which at least puts us in proximity of a Whole Foods.  And one of my daughters was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism,  and possibly Celiac's.  So that will be another trip out of state next month to see a specialist.

In the midst of all this (and more) I have messed up my neck and have been almost continuously dizzy.  All I can say is, thank God for Chiropractors!  I am taking this time to not work out like the exercise addict I can be but to heal.  So I have started a 30 day yoga dedication.  I have only missed one day so far and still managed to do sun salutations that day.  I am doing several yoga videos to switch it up day to day.

Postnatal Yoga with Gurmukh is the first, which is fantastic. It incorporates yoga with baby and some fun baby exercises.  It is Kundalini which is new to me, but I am really enjoying it.  It is a long movie, so I can not find time for it every day, though.

Next up is Element's Postnatal Yoga with Elena Brower.  This is also wonderful and thankfully, much shorter at just over 30 minutes.  This gives me a relaxing but thorough stretch but does not have baby-participation which is nice some days.

I am also randomly using The Perfect Postnatal Workout and I just love Karyne Steben.  I used the Prenatal version during my pregnancy and can highly recommend that one, as well.  And of course I am doing yoga and belly dance with Rachel Brice's dvds when I have time.  I love her work and she breaks each move down very thoroughly.

I suppose now is the time when I admit that I have far too many workout movies.  I have more than these listed here.  Really you do not need to buy anything thanks to Youtube and the internet, though. I recommend the following *free* exercises for all new moms, which help getting your pelvic floor  and abdomen back in shape!

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